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Best Garbage Disposal for Septic System
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Getting rid of food waste in the kitchen is sometimes difficult task. Food might be delicious, but nobody wants to deal with the wastes. Having to use the trashcan every day is not the most exciting of chores. Which is why figuring out the best garbage disposal for septic system should be top of the mind because it will help you drain away all the food waste right at your sink.

In fact, you will never need the trashcan anymore for disposing your kitchen waste. The garbage disposal is an appliance installed under the sink and grinds solid food waste before flashing it away into the drainage system.

How the Best Garbage Disposals Works

When you turn on the garbage disposal, the spinning disc or sometimes the impeller plate will rotate and this will push the food waste against the wall of the grinding chamber. In this chamber, large food particles are ground into small bits that can be washed by the water. Therefore, when you finally flash or open your tap, all this waste is going to be channeled into the drainage pipes.

However, it’s important to note that garbage disposals don’t work the same way because they have different features, capacities and mortar grinding power. So, it’s worthy to review a few of them just make sure that you can have a glimpse of what each model would work for your kitchen.

Recommended Disposal for Septic Systems

But there is a whole lot difference between a trashcan and a garbage disposal because the former just stores the waste while the latter shreds it into the drainage pipes. There are items that you cannot throw into the garbage disposal for septic systems such as banana and corn peels. Instead, you throw the tiny ones that will not necessarily block the system.

The garbage disposal is a 1927 invention by John Hammers. Since then the garbage disposal has continued with design and features advanced overtime but the principal has remained. Pretty much every kitchen deserves our garbage disposal. Here’s a list of the top best garbage disposals for you!

Top 10 Best Garbage Disposals Reviews

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Here is one of the best models of the InSinkErator brands and has 1 HP. This ultra-quiet unit will not only rely on Soundseal Technology to make sure that you don’t disturb the sleeping babies at home but also get the Multigrind Technology to find the finest form of waste food. Plus, the unit has a stainless design and you’re going to like its features.

When you’re looking for top quality high-end garbage, disposals the InSinkErator evolution Excel 1HP should always be top of your mind. You realize that it has got superior sound cushioning and, there is no way the working motor will vibrate or cause unusual sounds in your kitchen. The Sound Seal technology that insulates all sound and vibration to a minimum to make sure that it operates quietly. In fact, this is regarded as the quietest garbage disposal for residential use by a lot of experts.

This unit has a 1 hp and 1725 RPM motor. There for the Dual Drive-Induction motor allows it to operate with maximum efficiency and you don’t need to keep maintaining it now and then.

The stainless steel grinding system and she was that fibrous wastes bones seeds and a large array of vegetable waste are ground to liquid. The strong torque motor gives this disposal every power it needs.

It’s also important to appreciate that this unit comes with the three-stage Multigrind technology which ensures that every waste goes through three stages of grinding before it can be lead into the septic pipes. And, this is so important because all waste is pulverized and this ensures that the machine does not clog or the drainage system does not block.

But, every machine will have to deal with clogging now or later. The Evolution Excel detects all incidents by itself and free up the chamber. In fact, it makes sure that the torque is boosted automatically and then reverses the spin and this fixes the problem before you have even though what’s happening. And did I say that it comes with a 7 year limited warranty?


  • Auto unjam.
  • 3-stage multigrinder.
  • Super quiet.
  • Powerful motor.
  • 1HP 1725 RPM.
  • Powerful enough to crush bones and seeds.


  • You have to part with a few more dollars for the high-end InSinkErator evolution Excel 1HP

For less than $200, you can take home there’s West King night a 1spc garbage disposal that comes with several features that you going to like. Waste King is a reputable brand name especially in the manufacturer of high quality home appliances. It comes from the Moen Company that dedicates itself to development of innovative and personalized kitchen solutions and designs.

The first thing you will notice with this unit is that it comes with a high-speed motor that reaches 2800 RPM at 115 volts. The 1 horsepower permanent magnet motor has sound insulation and does not jam easily. Your waste is going to be crushed fast enough. But most importantly, the unit is safe because you’re not going to have to keep changing anything now and then.

You don’t need so much technical knowledge about installing this unit. In fact, just use the standard 3 bolt mounting system that you have probably used with the InSinkErator and Moen brand. Then, head to the installed power cord without any electric work and put the switch on.

In case you want to know how long you going to stay with this unit, just remember that the durable stainless steel grinding components and the strong exterior construction work to make sure that you get a durable unit.

The high-speed ensures that you are machine is not going to jam. Then, it is so strong inside that the stainless steel swivels will do their work well without stopping.

The grinding components also have noise insulation technology. The grinding chamber has glass-filled nylon that cushions the noise and minimizes corrosion.


  • Powerful 1 horsepower motor.
  • 2700 RPM.
  • Exclusive sound prevention technology. Installation.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • A power cord is included.
  • Safe for use with septic tanks.


  • It’s big and bulky

By now, you’re quite conversant with the InSinkErator brand and how great a quality it will provide you. Although these units tend to be on the high end, they also with lots of features that will make your kitchen even better happy. In fact, every household with a septic tank will require to make sure that their garbage does not block the drainage pipes.

 Especially if its oil grease or fat involved, you need to make sure that none of it goes to the pipes because it might block your septic system. And, that’s the why you need to look for a high-quality garbage disposal to do the work for you.

The InSinkErator Evolution 3/4 HP is widely considered as one of the best septic system safe disposal due to its strong motor and ability to break down fat and grease. Septic tanks digest garbage disposal and make sure that the system keeps running without blocking.

But, also, the bio charge technology that has already been approved by the Washington State Health department also ensures all grease and oil is handled. This unit uses microorganisms and enzymes to break down or starch or fats proteins and Grease.

Then, the 3/4 HP DURA drive induction motor is able to produce a lot of strength required to grind stubborn food wastes. If you have a family of four people, don’t worry about the waste- this garbage disposal is going to grind it all.

This motor also supports the two-stage Multigrind Mechanism and ensures that the systems do not block or clog.

Again, the unit comes with the evolution series Sound cushioning technology that keeps this unit quiet. The technology also goes ahead to ensure that all vibration and sounds are insulated and that you achieve a quiet working process.


  • SoundSeal technology.
  • 4 years limited warranty.
  • Two-stage multigrind mechanism.
  • 3/4 horsepower bureau drive induction motor.
  • Digests grease, fats, proteins and starch.


  • Bulky.
  • The biocharge add-on can be flimsy.

With a 1HP permanent magnet motor and 2800 RPM, this might have already started to convince you that it is a Waste King indeed. We rate it as the best value kitchen garbage disposal due to the strength and the construction and guess that you guys like it.

The machine is able to deal with about 98% of all the food wastes including chicken bones and fruits. The permanent magnet motors are a little less noisy than the competition. Compared to the induction motors models, this l800 unit is very easy to handle and quite. It also achieves maximum speed in a less time as compared to the competition without any risk of jamming.

Also, the l800 is durable and it’s made of stainless steel that shreds even the toughest of wastes. The grinding components are awesome housed in a polymer which mixture that does not get to be too bulky or heavy. However, probably the most important part of this disposal is it price and quality.

Permanent magnet motor tends to be expensive but this one stands the test. Yet, you need to realize that the stainless steel combined with permanent magnet motor should be quite expensive. But, in this case the machine doesn’t cost as much as the competition.

There’s a catch though- it’s plastic. If you drop it, it gets damaged. Realize that garbage disposal must always stay protected in the air installation or else the physical damage might be disastrous for you.

It’s very important for you to also consider that this Waste King L8000 is that it will give you value for your money. Besides, you get a lifetime limited in-house warranty. This one is going to work well for families with up to eight members.


  • It’s relatively quiet.
  • A strong motor of 1 horsepower.
  • It affordable.
  • It’s made of stainless steel grinding component.
  • Has a lifetime warranty.                                   
  • Handles 98% of food waste including chicken bones.


  • External parts are plastic nature.

InSinkErator is one of the best brands especially in the manufacture of garbage disposals for septic systems. And, although this brand tends to be on the high-end price, it earns the price with the features and quality. If you have a family that don’t have many members, or that don’t cook too often, then; a half horsepower unit like this InSinkErator badger 5 will be good for you.

1/2 horsepower motor of this badger 5 has fair performance. This unit comes with a strong structure that is not only housing a durable motor but also with the construction that will last for several years. The budget 5 is actually a standard food waste disposal unit due to it wonderful construction. The 1/2 horsepower permanent induction motor is efficient and durable.

If you take good care of it, it will be serving you for quite a long time. Like the other InSinkErator models, this badger will spin about 1725 RPM and this is enough to grind and break down all the soft food waste easily and awesome some of the eggshells. However, we have to admit that it will not handle bones as easily.

Be careful especially when grinding eggshells and hard vegetable waste because this machine can easily jam. And, bones should be out of the question in this case because we the horsepower of just to have you don’t expect it to do as much.

But, there is a good part with this InSinkErator because in the end, all you want is to have a good compact waste disposal. The model is durable and affordable and apart from that, it’s easy to install.

It comes with a 2-year limited warranty band is good for households with up to three people.


  • Two-year limited warranty.
  • Serves households with up to three people.
  • It’s durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to maintain and install.
  • RPM of 1725.
  • Half horsepower.


  • You cannot crush fish or chicken bones.
  • Cannot handle vegetables.

Moen Incorporated is a company in North America that offers kitchen and home accessories. The equipment ranges from horsepower of 1/3 to 1 HP and the permanent magnet motor. The Moen gx50c horsepower continuous disposal is one of the best you’ll find especially if you’re looking for an affordable and that’s quiet and effective unit.

The Vortex Permanent magnet motor that produces 1/2 of horsepower and deals with all kinds of kitchen wastes easily. It has one of the most powerful mortise because it’s able to hit 2600 RPM when the grinding chamber is empty. The permanent magnet motor drives the grinding components quickly and therefore reducing the chances of jamming or clogging.

The stainless steel grinding components is not only durable but also strong enough to hit the right spot. The durable polymer plastic neither scratches nor suffers corrosion.

Then, the Sound Shield Dampening Technology will run this unit quietly. In fact, you can sleep while the machine does it work without any disturbances.

The disposal is 13 inches tall and weighs 9.25 pounds. So, its quiet easy to handle and you power it with a wall-mounted switch and should do the work. This allows the void gx50c GX to fit well at the Express Mount system.

You use 3 bolt-mounting assemblies just like the InSinkErator quick lock. And, all this comes with a 4 year limited warranty.


  • 2600 RPM.
  • Stainless steel grinding chamber.
  • High durable polymer plastic enclosure.
  • Shield sound dampening technology.
  • Half horsepower.
  • Weighs 9.25 lbs only.
  • Lightweight compact design.
  • One of the best disposals for septic tanks.


  • The Allen wrench is not included and this makes it hard to clear jam.

If you want to get a good garbage disposal that fits your style, sink and septic system, check out the Frigidaire FFDL501DMS. This brand comes in three main units with different horsepower. The Frigidaire Grind Pro series has the 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP, and the advanced 1 HP professional series.

Of course, you need to look at your requirements as well as your budget before you can decide which one to pick. In this case, we are looking at the 1/2 HP garbage disposal that weighs 10.35 pounds and has several amazing features.

The half HP model comes with 2600-RPM motor that rotates continuously and is made of galvanized steel as well as stainless steel grinders. Its noise insulation is standard and guarantees you a 2-year warranty.

This compact unit has 1.5-inch inlet diameter. Therefore, the equipment allows a wide range of kitchen waste to fit. At the same time, you’re going to like the fact that it is easy to install and manage even without any technical assistance.

Again, the device works pretty well and seamlessly without you having to worry about the noise or screeching sounds.

The splashguard ensures that food particles don’t jump out of the machine when it’s in operation. But most importantly, you’re going to like the fact that the sound guard prevents the machine from making a lot of noise. You just need to operate it even at utmost silence even when you’re in the kitchen.

The machine has been made to last for long. In fact it is made of galvanized steel which reduces corrosion and makes it durable and awesome the stainless steel grinder ensure that its strong enough to cut even the toughest of food waste.


  • 2600 RPM.
  • Half horsepower.
  • Durable galvanized steel construction.
  • Splash guard.
  • Noise free.
  • Affordable.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Good for septic tanks.
  • 2 year warranty


  • Despite the speed, it may take a little longer to grind.

The Waste King L-3 200 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposal ranks among the finest you can find in market day. As part of the Waste King Legend series, it’s not only strong in terms of motor power but also durable. It can heat up to 2700 rpm at 3/4 HP.  This is quite massive but still it is not bulky even with such a powerful motor.

The powerful motor is able to crush literally any kind of garbage and you will love just how quick it does this. And just like other models and units in the Waste King Series, this one has a continuous feed garbage disposal. Therefore, you are going to shovel all those vegetable leftovers peelings or any other food waste.

Then, it will be consumed roughly without any interventions because the stainless steel grinders and swivel impellers ensure that this goes on well seamlessly.

Furthermore, it has got a removable splashguard that makes sure you don’t make a mess in the kitchen. During the disposal process, all you need to do is feed the sink with all your food waste and then the machine will prevent any spillages or splashes.

The steel components are insulated and this means you’re not going to get any corrosion or damages. The interior chamber itself is made of galvanized iron and this further prevents corrosion.

And, the manufacturers actually guarantee you that in case you find any corrosion you are going to get a free replacement.

Then, the EZ sink Mount system makes it easy to install and use this unit yourself. This will save money by reading you of the need to call for help from a professional plumber. It is safe to use with a septic tank as long as you find one that properly sized.

The warranty is 8 years. If the machine develops any problems, just send it to technicians to replace it for you for free.

Waste King l-3200 garbage disposal also has a compact size that’s lighter than other models. You’re going to have an easy time cleaning and using this machine because it does not come easily.


  • 8-year warranty.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Durable stainless steel grinder components.
  • No electrical skills needed.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • High-speed 3/4 HP and 2700 RPM permanent magnet motor.
  • Sound insulation.


  • It’s not as quiet as advertised

Best Garbage Disposals Buying Guide

So, what do you look for in a good garbage disposal? Scouring the internet and stores for the best disposal unit is not always an easy thing. That’s why we wrote up this guide just to help you find your new garbage disposal easily. However, you’re probably asking how you could know the specific garbage disposal that is best for your requirements. And that’s what this guide is about!

Type of garbage disposal

The units come in different shapes sizes and models. You could choose the continuous feed garbage disposal that allows you to put scraps of food and then turn on the switch. It’s the easiest used because oil need to do is add food waste and the unit does the rest. However, the open neck requires a safety cover to prevent injuries.

The batch feed garbage disposal requires you to load the trash first before you activate it. It’s safer than the continuous model but more expensive. They also take longer to do the job.

Noise insulation

Garbage disposals can be noisy and make your kitchen rowdy. But, the majority of manufacturers are trying to alleviate this by insulating the grinding chamber.

The chamber is mostly where the noise comes from because of the rotating motor and vibration. So, some companies have come up with sound shield and subsea technologies that help to reduce the noise isn’t vibrations emanating from the unit.

Alternatively, you may want to invest in a cap whereby you shut the mouth of the disposal. Remember, the funnel that transmits the sound of what happens in the chamber. So, closing it reduces the sound that you hear.

The size of your disposal

These units do not have the exact same length, or the space that it consumes. You realize that your sink can only accommodate a small item. You don’t want a bulky tank beneath your sink. Especially when you have a deep sink, you want one that’s shorter.

So, think about the number of people in your household and use that information to determine the kind of disposal that would serve you right. Also, find a model that fits well with your septic system.

The auto-reverse feature

In case the garbage disposal clogs or jams, you may have to solve it manually. But, if you are lucky enough to have one with the auto reverse feature, then you can just engage it and it will unclog itself for you.

This mode simply detects resistance of any amount and then decides to spin into the other direction. Reversing for short time allows all material that’s jamming up to move away.

And, the blades cut and crush the waste when they spin to the opposite direction which allows the material to be thrown into the drain. It’s important that you look for units with this out or reverse feature if you do not want to have to worry about jamming and clogging.

Horsepower of your disposal

Sometimes you might have the misconception that disposals with high horsepower are the best. However, you realize that it might not fit your case.

1/2 horsepower could do a lot of clearing and deal with your food waste better than the ore powerful motor especially if you are few in your household. Of course, it will not lather well with chicken and fish bones. Those will require a more powerful horsepower unit.

As a rule of the thumb, use 1 horsepower garbage disposal for larger families and to handle harder things such as fish and chicken bones.

The three quarter horsepower garbage disposal can act on small chicken bones especially the ribs and wings. This includes artichokes and other fibrous food wastes.

The half horsepower is good for bones from freshwater fish. Vegetable peels and cooked meat could go down the drain with this disposal.

Then, the 1/3 HP is the smallest and is meant for limited use. It handles soft foods including serious and fruit peels. Please don’t throw the bones or vegetable peels in here because those should go to the trash can.

Easy to mount and maintain

Garbage disposals are appliances that necessary don’t need the intervention of expert. If you are using InSinkErator, for example, you just have to engage the quick lock system just like the Waste King has the EZ Mount. These technologies make the installation process simple. Look for units that will not require extra hands to install.

The strength of the grinding chamber

The grinding process of a garbage disposal is probably the unit’s most crucial part. And, for that reason, you need the grading chamber to be strong enough to handle the waste.

 The grinding chamber is mostly stainless or galvanized steel. Then, the exterior has some heavy plastic.

High-end garbage disposals such as the InSinkErator evolution series have stainless steel. The good thing about it is that it does not get stained or corroded. It’s also the heaviest and most powerful of the other options.

Then, the galvanized steel is corrosion resistant. Unfortunately, the zinc covering on top of the steel can sometimes wear away. And as you guessed, galvanized steel is heavier than plastic of course.

Then some of the cheaper garbage disposals come with a tough plastic grinding chamber. The thermoplastic polymer does not rust or corrode or react with anything, but it cracks more easily.

How Do Septic Tanks Work?

  • Garbage disposals make work easier by shredding the waste that goes into the septic tanks. A lot of people have issues with garbage disposals and deep sinks. The best garbage disposal for deep sinks should therefore be short enough to be accommodated in the installation. But also, it has to be fit appropriately with the piping that leads into the septic tank.
  • Septic tanks and systems are underground waste treatment infrastructure used by people living in rural areas that did not have centralized sewerage systems. These systems simply depend on nature and technology to treat kitchen drains laundry and bathroom water.
  • The septic tank simply works with help of bacteria. These little organisms break down all the waste matter and then decompose it safely. The system is supposed to take care of the bacteria so that the bacteria can in turn act on the waste.
  • The main components of a septic system are the tank, the drain field, and the soil absorption field.
  • The septic tanks work is to digest all floating mutton that includes oil, grease, fats, and anything else that floats.
  • Then the effluent from the septic tank goes into perforated pipes and chambers that release this waste back to the soil in a safe organic form.
  • The flow of this filth depends on pressure created by gravity or pumps. It’s supposed to make the effluent seep into the soil.
  • The end goal is to disinfect the wastewater before it gets to the environment. In short, when wastewater leaves your house, it goes into the main drainage pipe that leads into the septic tank. The septic tank is usually buried in a watertight condition.  Many people use fiberglass concrete or poly them to make the septic tank.
  • It’s in the tank that the wastewater is held to make the denser materials sink to the deepest part while the scam floats. There are compartments and chambers that prevent the sludge and scum from getting into the drain field before the treatment and digestion is complete. Only treated wastewater is allowed back into the environment.
  • Then, the liquid wastewater or the so-called effluent gets into the drain field. This shallow covered excavation comprises of loose unsaturated soil into which the wastewater filters.
  • The piping system is porous to allow the wastewater into the soil without saturating it. Then, the soil or sand allows the wastewater to seep into the ground. A flooded drain field could be an indication there is so much liquid and it needs quick action.
  • After the wastewater percolates into the soil, all the harmful bacteria, viruses, and pollutants have been removed. And, especially coliform bacterium that lives in the human intestines and human fecal matter is removed and the safe waste can now naturally be accepted by the environment.
  • However, the aerobic bacteria only act on organic substances. There for diapers cigarette filters or plastics might not get digested.

Garbage Disposal Problems And Solutions

Garbage disposals are machines just like any other, and they can malfunction. Here are problems your disposal might encounter.


Sounds should not be something to worry about at first. But, if you realize than it was quieter sometime back, then you should already begin to find a solution.

1/3 and 1/2 HP units tend to be a little quieter and if they produce any noise, you should certainly feel bothered. Most of the cheap brands are likely to be noisier. Using high-end models have soundproof mechanisms that insulate against the noise.


Waste machines might get clogged and jammed. Even the advanced models can still find themselves in this mess and you must find a solution immediately. Fixing the jam is not so difficult because the manufacturers themselves have a manual that anticipates such eventualities.

Of course, you need to make sure you don’t misuse your garbage disposal. But, if that happens, you can always correct it with the unjamming options.

In case yours clogs, then you need to handle the drainage pipe properly. Most clogging happens in the drainage piping systems. So, you need to pay more attention to the drainage than to the disposal.

Are Garbage Disposals Good For The Environment?

Yes, a Study by the Oregon State Department finds that grinders are better than landfills. In fact, In-Sink grinding (ISG) tends to be more eco-friendly because it improves soil productivity and optimizes biodegradation.

In fact, the In-Sink grinding of food waste tends to have a greater potential for renewable energy because of the increased surface area for bacteria action.

Another survey by the energy department also suggests that municipal sewage systems encourage garbage disposals because they increase the potential of harvesting biogas.

Nearly 22% of Americans have a garbage disposal at home. So, noting that the septic tank is compatible with garbage disposal. But as you have seen, they are actually a great combination. Just buy one of the best garbage disposal for septic systems and make use of the anaerobic digestion to exploit biogas technology.

Dos And Don’ts With Garbage Disposal With Septic System

The DO’s

  • Pump into the septic tank quite often if you are using your garbage disposal daily.
  • Hire professional plumber’s only especially if your septic tank and needs to be the same size with your garbage disposal.

The Don’ts

  • Your garbage disposal is not a trash can. So don’t throw in papers or any synthetic material.
  • Don’t put a hard vegetable peels or bananas into your garbage disposal. Some disposals are not a strong enough to grind hard waste end this may clock the system.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal Smell

If your kitchen develops a bad smell, it could be because of your garbage disposal. It’s probably because it needs some cleaning.

  • Use plenty of ice to solidify the fats so they can be crushed and washed away into the septic.
  • Or, run the juice from citrus fruits such as lemons inside the chambers of your garbage disposal.
  • Also, try vinegar and baking soda and the concoction might just erase the bad smell.

Does A Farmhouse Sink Require A Best Garbage Disposals?

Yes, farmhouses will require a way to drain unnecessary kitchen waste. And, the best garbage disposals for farmhouse sinks are a little lighter. A good example is the Insinkerator Badger 5.

Conclusion: And The Best Garbage Disposals For Septic System Is…

As you’ve already seen, there are hundreds of garbage disposals for you to choose from. But, when it comes to one that makes sense to you, you have to pay close consideration to its size, power and compatibility with your septic system.

Every home and kitchen deserves a clean meticulous way of disposing the garbage. Our review clearly shows that the best septic tank system garbage disposalis the InSinkErator evolution Excel 1 HP. Which specific model from our review are you taking home today?