How To Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Smells

How To Clean Garbage Disposal Smell
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Mankind is perhaps the greatest consumer inhabiting mother earth. In fact, the consumer trend has been on the increase owing to improved products and services. However, these high consumer levels come with a great responsibility; otherwise, our planet might become a sea of rotting organics, paper, plastics, and other disposables.

Fortunately, the use of garbage disposals in most kitchens is cutting back on some discarded organics. These would have easily found themselves in the open. However, this tech comes with constant headaches of having to deal with foul odors. Fortunately for you, I shall be sparing you the stress with tips of best ways to get rid of garbage disposal smells.

What is the best ways to get rid of garbage disposal smells?

Before going through the tips, you should get well acquainted with some of the best garbage disposals cleaners. The verdict was reached using criteria to do with deodorizing the disposal and sink fast and with ease. The residual freshness that comes with the inviting scent also had a say. Lastly, it would have been ignorant to leave out their biodegradability, considering we live in a going green mantra period. Here are the seven Best Garbage Disposal Cleaners:

1. Glisten Disposer Care Freshener Disposal Cleaner

Easy peasy that’s the best word you can use to describe the convenience that comes with the use of this product. All you have to do is to drop a tablet containing the formulation into the drain. This effectively annihilates foul odors and cleans not so easy to reach areas such as grunge-filled areas.

Here are the pros and cons to expect with the product:


  • Easy to use and convenient.
  • Very effective in eliminating odors.
  • Safe for all disposals and drains.


  • There might be a need to supplement it with additional cleaning agents for very stubborn stains and odors.
  • Small-sized tablets pose a risk to children and pets when ingested.
  • It is known to cause eye irritation if hands are not thoroughly washed.

2. Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Disposal Cleaner-Honorable Mention

It comes in a multipack containing 24 packets with a biodegradable formula that excels at cleaning the entire disposal. These packs are intended to last for around six months with weekly applications. Not only does this product safe for all garbage disposals, but it is also safe for drains and septic tanks. For best results, an additional deodorizer, such as the one topping the list, will be effective.


  • Large multipack, which means that it lasts quite long.
  • Ingredients are biodegradable so that they do no significant harm to the environment.
  • Capable of cleaning entire disposal.


  • Care should be taken when using it on stainless steel.
  • Malic acid and sodium lauryl sulfate combine to form vapors that are unsafe to breathe.
  • The need for additional deodorizers might arise.

3. Grab Green Tangerine Garbage Disposal Cleaner-Best Quality

It is an effective formulation designed to work by simply dropping the package in the disposal, followed by turning it on. Tangerine garbage disposal cleaner is a match to the stubborn gunk and grime exhibited by infected garbage disposals. All you have to do is wiping away these with ease.

 If you happen to be a fan of lemon scents, then this is the product to go for. It comes with lemongrass-like-aroma. Though the brains behind this product eliminated some of the harmful ingredients, the product can still be an eye irritant, so use it with caution. Additionally, unlike the two previously mentioned products, you must apply it twice a week, implying that it might not last that long.


  • Safe for all garbage disposals.
  • 100% cruelty-free formula.
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Pleasant refreshing lemongrass scent.


  • Contains fewer packets than the number 2 pick.
  • It is harmful to the eyes.
  • It is recommended that you use it twice a week for best results.

4. Compac’s Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner And Deodoriser-Fastest Acting Formula

With this product, say goodbye to those odors soon as the formulation gets into contact with the garbage disposal. That’s exactly how fast this product is, working in a matter of a few seconds. You would also be pleased that it is made from biodegradable ingredients.

On the market, you will find it in a large variety of multipacks. Up to four to be exact, with each containing 20 treatments. With this very product, you also have several options for pleasant scents. This eliminates the monotony of having the same aroma over and over again. The use of different cleaner in conjunction with this product is encouraged. Picking product number 2 as the other cleaner is known to do the trick.


  • It is 100% biodegradable.
  • It is available in large multipacks so that it lasts longer.
  • It gives you a wider selection of aromas of your choice.


  • Could benefit from additional cleaning agents when it comes to cleaning of blades.
  • Contrary to what the manufacturer claims, it cannot be re-used.
  • The tablets containing the formulation are tiny such that they can easily find their way through your little one’s digestive tracts.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Smells

Usually, when your garbage disposal fills up your kitchen with a foul smell, this could be emanating from two areas. These are the drain and or the rubber splash guard. Lack of industrial manufactured cleaners should not hamper you from carrying out the cleaning campaign. Try these great home-made cleaning solutions.

Use of Ice

The use of ice in garbage disposals is like killing two birds with one stone. Firstly it gets rid of the repulsive odors then it goes on to sharpen the blades of the disposal. Thus the disposal has to be on while you place the ice through it. To enhance ice’s cleaning ability, use it in conjunction with baking soda. A tray of ice cubes and ½ cup of baking soda helps clean up the blades’ build-up.

Use Citrus

The citrus family of plants, including oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, has a unique characteristic scent. I dare say it is impossible to fail to recognize it. This aroma is what makes this group of plants popular amongst DIY odor masking hacks.

All you got to do for your garbage disposal is slicing a lemon and dropping it into the running disposal. This propagates the juice is not so easily accessible smelly areas, replacing them with a fresh limy aroma. The other simple way of killing this cat is by use of frozen orange and lemon peels. The oils from these citrus peels remove residue build-up leaving behind a clean, fresh fragrance.

Mix Vinegar And Baking Soda

A live like a mass of foam with a couple of freshly fizzing sounds is what you observe when you mix the two. This is a classic chemical reaction between a base (baking soda) and an acid (vinegar). For ridding of the foul smells, just apply a cup of baking powder through the disposal drain. Go on to use the same quantity of white-hot distilled vinegar because it gives the best results.

For heating the vinegar, just place it in a microwave oven and watch it foam. Afterward, leave it for a few minutes cool off a bit before running it through the drain. The beauty of such a neutralization reaction is that water is the end product. Thus no need to worry about creating toxins that might damage your garbage disposal.

Use Bleach

Bleach also does the trick by driving away from the bad smells. Just make sure you use a mild bleach because strong ones kill good bacteria in septic tanks. Pour some bleach while cold water is running. It removes tough, sticky stains, ensuring a lasting solution with a fresh scent.

Use Scrub Brush And Dish Soap

Here is a list of steps you need to execute in getting rid of the bad scents:

  • Step 1

Smear some dishwashing soap over your scrub brush or dish wand. Go on to scrub all the visible portions within the garbage disposal, applying some reasonable effort. Also, pay special attention to the seam where the disposal flange meets the sink basin. This is because tough, tiny stains tend to hide there, and you could even have some nasty old mold growing.

  • Step 2

Close the disposal drain by plugging it with a sink plug, followed by filling the basin with water. Only fill it halfway since it is quite easy for the water to run amok and overflow. Go on to add a little bit of dish soap or any natural cleaner. How much should you add? Just use some intelligent discretion by adding till the water acquires sufficient lathering abilities.

You should feel the lathering effect by rubbing your two fingertips in the soapy water. The next thing is to unplug the drain and watch the amazing show. A vortex or vacuum-formed creates a tornado-like impression which propels soapy water through the housing. This is what rinses off the hidden nooks and crannies, which cause nasty smells.

  • Step 3

To deal with the possibility of left over stinky residues left inside the appliance, you have to channel your inner DIY powers. As it so happens, kosher salt is quite an effective abrasive cleaning agent for the disposal. You have to pour a large cup of ice cubes into the garbage disposal and switch it on. Move on to adding one-half cup of the salt. These two elements combine to grind away what remains of odor-causing residues.

Cleaning The Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

This might require you to unpack all your cleaning arsenal and prepare for no light resistance in the battle. Slime and gunk that accumulate on the splash guard’s underside require a bit more work to remove. They are also the primary sources of odors and breeding place for harmful bacteria. The following are what you have to take from your arsenal: rubber gloves, an old toothbrush, and hot soapy water.

  • For removable splash guards

Put on your gloves and remove the splash guard, followed by scrubbing the rubber guard’s top and bottom. Use a toothbrush and soapy water for this. Lastly, you will need to rinse the guard and replace it.

  • For non-removable splash guards

While having your gloves on, scrub the top side of the splash guard and rinse it. While lifting the rubber guard a section at a time, scrub its underside until all slime and gunk are gone. Rinse it, and voila, you have yourself a freshly smelling garbage disposal.

FAQs: How to Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Smells

1. How Often Should You Clean A Garbage Disposal?

A clean, fresh-smelling kitchen’s importance can never be stressed enough. That is having been said, the frequency of cleaning the disposal chiefly depends on how often you use the device and how well you take care of it. It is good practice to clean it once a week.

This prevents the major build-up of residues and odors. However, if you are the kind of person who is too particular about what goes through the disposal, it is possible to do the cleaning every two weeks and then. Some prefer to do the cleaning as soon as they catch a slightly foul smell from the disposal.

2. What Should Never Be Placed In The Garbage Disposal?

The list is big; however, some of the staff you should not place in the disposal if you do not want to experience the nasty smells are as follows:

  • Grease and oil

Throw them in the trash because they easily stick like glue adhering on the disposal’s interior with other rotting food particles.

  • Bones

These can easily clog up your plumbing leading to the development of foul smells through the disposal.

  • Pasta, rice, and oats

These have a problem that they continue to swell up when in contact with water to clog the disposal’s plumbing.

  • Fibrous Vegetables

There is no problem in throwing most vegetables into the garbage disposal except for fibrous ones. These include lettuce, onion skins, and celery. They tend to get tangled on the disposal’s blade and lie ideal like a time bomb waiting to go off, leaving behind foul smells.

3. How Do You Get Rid Of Foul Odours Emanating From Disposal?

You can try the natural DIY ways provided or use garbage disposal cleaners available on the market.

Final Word

Overall, that’s how you get rid of the smell in your garbage disposal. A freshly smelling kitchen is paramount for a great cooking environment. As a way of avoiding those awkward, embarrassing situations in which you become the latest talk of the town because of a foul-smelling kitchen, be selective with what you throw down the device. Furthermore, carry out weekly cleaning before the residues and odor become too tough to deal with. Use of natural cleaners and the synthetic ones simultaneously usually gives great results with a bang.

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