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Although gutter cleaning can be nerve-wracking, it is one of the important chores you are supposed to do as a homeowner. It helps you maintain your gutters and prevent damages that can cost you a lot of money.

Perhaps, you want to give your gutters some cleaning, but you are afraid of heights, and climbing up on a ladder in order to clean your gutters is not something you would like to do, then you don’t have to worry. With the right tools, you can safely clean your gutters from the ground- no risk of slipping and falling from a ladder. In this article, I show you how to clean gutters without a ladder.

Gutter cleaning tools that don’t require a ladder

If you dread gutter cleaning because you are not a fan of ladders, you do not have to worry. The good news is that several tools can make your gutter cleaning less of a chore. You do not need to climb up a ladder when using these tools. There is no risk of falling from a ladder, and it’s pretty easy. Below I share with you some of the best gutter cleaning tools you might consider using to give your gutters the best cleaning they deserve.

Vacuum attachments

Vacuum attachments are a great tool that makes it possible to suck out all types of debris rapidly out of the gutter into a vacuum chamber or bag. An attachment can simply be put on the end of either a leaf blower or a shop-vac.

A curved attachment will do a better job, as it will enable you to move the leaf blower or shop-vac over the edge of your gutter. The problem with vacuum attachments is that it won’t remove all of the dirt in your gutters.

Gutter flusher

If you are looking for an ergonomically friendly gutter cleaning tool, then a gutter flusher is a perfect choice. A gutter flusher will remove any leaves filling your gutter in minutes. Yes, you heard me right, “minutes.”

With its high-powered jet action spray, you will get the cleanest gutter ever and prevent costly damages that can result from having debris in your gutters. Most gutter flushes have extendable metal poles. These metal poles can be attached to your garden hose, forming a tool that effectively flushes debris out of your gutters.

The gutter flesh problem is that the water and debris from the cleaning can make a mess. Also, this method will not remove all the dirt from your gutters. However, if you don’t want to climb up a ladder to clean your gutters, the gutter flusher is not a wrong choice.

Gutter cleaning applicator

Many gutter cleaning tools focus on your gutters’ interior. However, the gutter cleaning applicator is unique as it focuses on the exterior part of your gutters. Cleaning the exterior of the gutters is as important as cleaning the interior part.

The gutter cleaning applicator comes with a pad, specially-shaped for the cleaning job. This wonderful tool fits well onto your painter’s pole, making cleaning your gutter less of a chore. When using a gutter cleaning applicator, you won’t be able to see whether or not you are getting all the dirt out of your gutters.


Times often, debris in your gutters can be too heavy to be vacuumed. In this case, you will have to use a tool capable of grasping debris out of the gutter. Tongs are the perfect tool for the job. Tongs can easily lift leaves and other forms of debris, and the good thing is that you will be seeing what you are doing from the ground.

Gardus GS900 GutterSweep

If you want to clean up your gutters effectively, covering a large area without setting foot on a ladder, then the GS900 GutterSweep is the tool you need to use. This unique tool makes use of a rotary gutter cleaning system. By attaching the GS900 GutterSweep tool to your cordless drill, the rotary brush attachment will be turned by the drive removing debris from your gutters.

The GS900 also contains water jet nozzles that are in-built. You can connect the extendable pole section on the GS900 to your hose to blast through debris. Your gutters will get the best cleaning ever. You do not want your gutters to get clogged and damaged. Use the gutter sweep system to maintain your gutters.

How do you tell if your gutters need cleaning?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about gutter cleaning. Many signs will help you to know if your gutters need some cleaning. Below are the many ways that you can tell if your gutters need some cleaning.

1.Signs of life

If you notice signs of life in your gutters, it is a sign that you need to clean your gutters. You don’t want to have a garden in your gutters or invite rodents, pests, birds, and even snakes in your gutters. When you notice these signs of life in your gutters, it is important to take action and prevent damages to your home.

●      Plants

When there are signs of life in your gutters, you have to clean them out. Plants can grow in your gutters because of the dirt that accumulates when the wind blows dirt onto the roof or dirt gets washed into your gutters when it rains.

Plant growth is also made possible by the debris that rots and creates a perfect environment for plants to germinate. The wind blows seeds onto your gutters, and sometimes birds transmit them to your gutters. It is pivotal to clean your gutters as soon as you see plants growing in them. If you allow plants to grow on your gutters, problems like leakages can result.

●      Birds

Birds in your gutters is a sign that you have some gutter cleaning work to do. Birds love gutters. They love nesting in gutters, a safe place far away from rodents that may eat their eggs, or so they think. Another reason why gutters are birds’ favorite place is that a deep gutter can protect them from the wind. However, birds in your gutters are a sure sign you that there are leaves and twigs that birds want for their nests.

●      Rodents and snakes

Your gutter can be regarded as a safe habitat for birds far from rodents, but this is not the case. A nearby shrub or tree can cause a myriad of animals and pests to get onto your gutters.

These uninvited guests can include snakes. Yes, snakes. They are fond of gutters too, and if you see them, it is a sure sign that your gutters need to be cleaned. You do not need to wait. Grab your tools and do some cleaning to avoid problems like snakebites. You want your home to be a safe place for you, your kind of poets, and guests. Clean your gutters.

2. Sagging

When debris and water are held into your gutters without going anywhere, it is a sign that your gutters requires to be cleaned out. You do not want your gutters to begin to sag because if they sag because of standing water, then you will have to replace them, which is costly.

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a cost that can be prevented. Cleaning your gutters on time will save you money as it prevents costly damages, which may result from standing water in your gutters. If water does not run down from the gutters when it rains, it is a sign that your gutters need to be cleaned.

3. Stain marks on your siding

Stains in your siding are not a beautiful sign. They are unsightly and are a sign that your gutters need some cleaning.Maybe, you wonder what may cause stains in your siding. Standing water in your gutters is the culprit. This standing water is the last thing you would want in your gutters because it damages the fascia. Therefore, it is important to clean your gutters when you notice stain marks on your siding or even before. Prevention is better than cure.

4. Water is overflowing

You do not want the water to spill over the edges of your gutters, as this can cause problems like the flooding of your basement, which is pretty costly. If you notice water spilling over the edge of your gutters, your gutters are likely clogged. It is, therefore, a sign that you should clean them out. Cleaning your gutters will prevent damage to your lovely home that can result from water overflowing.

How long does it take to clean gutters?

Gutter cleaning is a chore that you have to do as a homeowner at some point in time. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a seasoned professional. The time it will take to clean your gutters depends on several factors. Below are some of the factors that determine the time it will take to clean out your gutters.

The size of your gutter system

Your gutter system’s size determines the amount of space to be cleaned, determining the time commitment for cleaning up the gutter. A small sized gutter system means less cleaning time, while a large gutter system means more cleaning time.

Number of levels on your home

Another determining factor of the time it will take to clean your gutters is the number of levels in your home. If your home has a single story, the gutter cleaning job won’t be difficult, and you can do it yourself. It will take you about an hour to get the cleaning job done, depending on your speed.

If your home has two to three stories, it may take you about 4 hours maximum. If you have many stories, there will be a need for professional cleaners because doing it alone will require a lot of effort for you to be able to remove dirt completely.

When last did get your gutters cleaned

It is highly recommended that you clean your gutters about twice a year. You can schedule to once in the spring and once in the fall. If you adhere to this routine, cleaning your gutters will be easy and less time-consuming.

If it has been more than a year or more since you last cleaned your gutters, then you have to clean them. You don’t want to wait until debris in your gutters results in damages that can be costly.

How to Clean Gutters: Points to remember

  • If you are not fond of climbing ladders when giving your gutters some cleaning, there are easy ways to clean from the ground.
  • Cleaning your gutters from the gutters involves using tools like vacuum attachments, gutter flusher, gutter cleaning applicator, tongs, and GS900.
  • You are recommended to get your gutters cleaned at least two times a year.
  • Cleaning your gutters will prevent costly damages to your home.
  • Several signs can help you know if your gutters need to be cleaned. These signs include birds, rodents, or snakes on your gutters, stain marks on your siding, overflowing water, and sagging. Knowing when you last cleaned your gutters can also help you know if it is the right time to clean them again.

To Wrap Up: How to Clean Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most pivotal chores you need to do at some point in time as a homeowner. It comes with many advantages and prevents many problems that sometimes can cost you a lot of money. Many people dread gutter cleaning because they do not want to climb up ladders to reach the height of their gutters.

However, if you want to clean your gutters without ever climbing on a ladder, it is possible. With the several tools mentioned above, you can up your gutter cleaning game with no risk of slipping or falling from a ladder. Overall, don’t forget to put on rubber gloves and work clothes so that you’ll be protected and avoid getting stained with dirt.

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